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Cultivate meaningful connections.

Empatheme® can help you practice what you learn.

Based on the patented inventions,
we provide Empatheme® Methods and Technologies.


Inspire Imagination


Empathetic Computing Methods are an invention patented in the United States and Japan.

Empatheme is a concept that involves a small moment of interaction when practicing self-reflection using natural bodily actions.


Nurture Habits



Empatheme is a unit of interaction captured in a sequence, subtly resonating in real-time on the Empatheme application.

These Empathemes are recorded, measured within the context, organized to produce unique information, and visually represented.


Cultivate Connection



The visualized symbols work as a vehicle for empathic communication among the users in a group.

The quantitative and qualitative data produced by the user's actions become a source of unique information about the self.


Smartphone App



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Design Patents (Granted)

Portable Electronic Device: US D732033, D738376 / Japan 1521298
Portable Electronic Device: US D806711, D864961, D940136 / Europe 003183912 / Japan 1575144, 1594394


Utility patents (Granted)

Devices, Systems, and Methods for Empathetic Computing: US 9,218,055, 9,830,005 / Japan 6138268
Empathetic User Interface, Systems, and Methods for Interfacing with Empathetic Computing Device: US 9,946,351, 10,409,377 / Japan 6743036
Apparatus, system, and methods for interfacing with a user and/or external apparatus by stationary state detection: US 10,222,875


Utility Patents (Pending)

Methods, systems and apparatuses for computer-generated visualization of speech: US / PCT patent pending




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